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What is Candid Ear Drop

Candid ear drop is a medicine prescribed for treating ear fungal infections. It kills and stops the growth of fungi and relieves discomfort, itching, pain, or irritation in the ear. 

Candid ear drop contains the active ingredient lidocaine which blocks pain signals and clotrimazole which limits fungal cell growth by disrupting the structure of their cell walls. 

Cautions for using Candid eardrop

  • Do not touch the dripper to your skin to avoid contamination of the drug
  • Do not apply candid ear drop to the eyes, mouth, or genitals. 
  • Do not use a single bottle for more than four weeks. 

How to use Candid eardrop

Candid ear drop is meant to be used externally only, and for the duration prescribed by your doctor. When applying, hold the dropper close to the ear without letting the dripper come in contact with the skin and gently squeeze to drip the medicine into the ear. Generally, it is advised you remain on your side for at least 2 minutes after applying this medication. 

Are there any alternatives to candid ear drop?

Some potent alternatives to Candi ear drops include:

  • Clocain eardrop
  • Myclin ear drops
  • Trimac eardrop
  • Raystat eardrop
  • Flomazol ear drop.

Where can I buy candid ear drop in Nigeria? 

Candid ear drop is available on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy – – and you can get it when you click here

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