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What is Calcough Children Syrup 1yr+

What is Calcough children’s syrup 1yr +?

Calcough children’s syrup is a drug containing 0.75ml of glycerol and 17g of sucrose per 5ml.  It has been therapeutically indicated for the relief of irritating, tickling dry coughs and also in the treatment of sore throats. 

What are the special warnings for Calcough children’s syrups?

  • Glycerol and sucrose in Calcough children’s syrup may affect blood sugar levels in diabetics.
  • Patients with glucose-galactose malabsorption, fructose intolerance, sucrase-isomerase insufficiency should not use Calcough children syrup. 
  • Do not use Calcough for more than 1 week in children under 3 years, except otherwise advised by your doctor or pharmacist due to an increased risk of benzyl alcohol accumulation. 

Can I use Calcough while pregnant or breastfeeding?

The safety of Calcough during pregnancy or lactation has not been established, however, it is not known to constitute hazards during these periods. 

What is the dosage of Calcough children’s syrup 1yr +?

For children aged 1 year and over, they should be given Calcough at a dosage of 5ml spoonful 3-4 times daily. 

Children over 5 years should be given 10ml of Calcough 3-4 times daily. 

Can Calcough children’s syrup be given along with other medications?

Calcough children syrup is not known to interact with many drugs, thus, can be given alongside pain killers and fever suppression medicine such as paracetamol. 

What are the side effects of Calcough?

Consult your doctor if you notice shortness of breath, wheezing, recurrent nighttime cough, chest pain, weight loss, or persistent cough. 

Where can I buy Calcough Children syrup 1Yr +in Nigeria?

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