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Wate-on Emulsion


A dietary supplement that provides a valuable source of extra calories, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins. Regular Wate-On helps to correct dietary deficiencies and promote weight gain, as well as enhancing general bodily health, stimulating the appetite and aiding digestion. This dietary supplement is taken in addition to normal healthy meals. Wate-on contains weight-building and energy-producing substances. It helps to solve under-weight problems caused by faded appetite and poor eating habits and gives extra nourishment.

Wate on ingredients

 Each 30ml of Wate-On contains the following active ingredients: Maize Oil, Glucose, Nicotinamide 6.0mg, Vitamin B1 0.53mg, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) 0.85mg, Vitamin B6 0.74mg, Sodium Phosphate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Hydrochloride, Calcium Pantothenate 0.42mg and Ergocalciferol. 

What is wate on emulsion used for?

Helps with weariness, low resistance, insomnia, and anxiousness, all of which are common side effects of being underweight. WATE-ON can be used by underweight children and convalescents. It’s a well-liked, clinically proven solution that’s sold all over the world.

What Is The Side Effect of Wate On? 

Some of the side effects include increased urination, stomach upset, headache and unpleasant taste in the mouth.   

Does Blood Tonic Help Gain Weight? 

Some blood tonics have appetite stimulating properties which can cause an individual to eat more leading to weight gain.


What Can I Use to Add Weight? 

Drugs that belong to the appetite stimulant class can be used to increase the appetite of an individual.  

Does Super Apeti Make You Gain Weight? 

Super Apeti is an appetite stimulant that causes an individual to eat which can lead to weight gain. Apetamin And Wate On Wate on syrup and apetamin are both artificial weight gain supplements. 

Super Wate-On Price 

Wate on is quite affordable. The price varies based on location, sellers and suppliers. Wate-on price is listed in Drugstore Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy.

Wate On vs Apetamin 

Wate on syrup and apetamin are both artificial weight gain supplements. They are both available on Drugstore Nigeria, Nigeria’s Largest Online Pharmacy. 

Wate On And Apetamin Which One Works Faster?

Wate on syrup and apetamin are both artificial weight gain supplements and work at different rates among individuals. 

Wate on and complan

Wate-on and complan are weight gain supplements that can be taken by skinny people to add more weight.

Super wate on

This dietary supplement is used in conjunction with a healthy diet. Weight-building and energy-producing chemicals are found in Wate-on. It aids in the resolution of under-weight issues.

Wate on tablets

Vitamin deficiencies and other disorders are treated with Wate on Tablet. Wate on Tablet works by meeting the body’s basic demands.

Wate on Nairaland

There are different posts about wate-on emulsion in Nairaland.

Can I take wate on with milk?

Wate on can be preferably taken with milk.

Can a nursing mother take wate on?

Nursing mother can take Wate On to help increase appetite but it is advisable to consult a doctor or physician first.


Wate- on Dosage

Adults: 30ml (2 tablespoonfuls). Three times daily.Children: (Over 5 years) 1/2 of the adult dosage. 

Direction For Use

Before using wate-on, give it a good shake  before going to bed, either after or in between meals. This dish can be taken directly from the spoon or mixed with milk if desired.

Content on should not be taken as prescription or medical advice. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication.


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