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Warticon Podophyllotoxin 0.15 Cream (5g)

What Is Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream Used For?

Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream is used to treat genital warts on the penis in men or external warts on the vagina in women. Warticon Podophyllotoxin cream can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What Is Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream Composition?

Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream contains Podophyllotoxin as the active ingredient.

How Does Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream Work?

Warticon contains Podophyllotoxin as the active ingredient. It works by attacking the HPV virus, which causes genital warts. Warticon prevents the HPV virus from replicating and spreading, causing warts to die and new, healthy tissue to grow in its place.

Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream Dosage

Apply Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream twice daily morning and evening (every 12 hours) for 3 consecutive days.

How To Apply Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream.

•          Use soap and water to clean the affected area.

•          Using a clean towel, thoroughly dry the affected area.

•          Apply the Warticon Podophyllotoxin cream to the wart with a fingertip.

•          Be careful not to get it in contact with healthy skin.

•          After you’ve finished, wash your hands with soap and water.

How Long Does Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream Take To Work?

 Warticon Podophyllotoxin Cream is used to stop the wart from growing and usually clears warts in 4 weeks for most people.

How Long Does It Take Warticon Podophyllin Cream To Clear Warts?

Warticon Podophyllin cream works by destroying the tissue of the growth and a few hours after podophyllum is applied to a wart, the wart becomes blanched (loses all colour). In 24 to 48 hours, Warticon cream causes the death of the tissue.  After about 72 hours, the wart begins to slough or come off and gradually disappears.

What Are The Possible Side Effects Of Warticon Podophyllum Cream?

If you experience any of these effects wash off the cream and the affected area with soap and water immediately. Some of the sides effects include;

•          Burning

•          Stinging

•          Pain

•          Bleeding

•          Itching of the treated skin

•          Swelling of the treated skin.

Where Can I Buy Warticon Podophyllum Cream In Nigeria?

Buy Warticon Podophyllum cream at the best price at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.

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