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Urea 20% Cream

What is Urea 20% cream used for?

Urea is a keratolytic — an agent that helps to increase the skin moisture by dissolving keratin (the protein that holds the top layer of the skin in place). In the process, the dead skin cells fall off and the skin is able to retain more water.

Urea 20% Cream is used in the treatment of conditions that are characterized by dry or rough skin such as corns, eczema, psoriasis, and calluses. It is also used to remove dead tissue in some wounds, to speed up the healing process.

What Percentage of Urea is Good for the Skin?

Urea creams with concentration of 10% and above have higher keratolytic effects, helping in the treatment of skin conditions such as rough patches, calluses and ingrown nails.

20% Urea Cream Warning

  • Apply to the skin/nails only. 
  • Avoid sensitive areas such as your eyes, lips, mouth/nose, and groin area, unless your doctor directs you otherwise.
  • Urea products are not advised for use in children less than 2 years old. 

Is Urea 20% Cream a Steroid?

Urea 20% Cream is not a steroid. However, some preparations (creams and lotions) that contain Urea may also contain other active ingredients like corticosteroids (hydrocortisone). These should only be used following a doctor’s prescription.

When Should You Not Use Urea Cream?

Avoid using Urea Cream 20% on broken, bleeding or infected skin. Also, discontinue Urea Cream if you notice extreme reddening of the skin.

20% Urea Cream Side Effects

Some of the side effects of 20% Urea Cream include:

  • Skin irritation (burning, itching, redness)
  • Stinging feeling in the skin
  • Rash
  • Skin changes such as blistering and peeling 
  • Signs of skin infection

Urea Cream Administration

Apply 20% Urea cream to affected places, rubbing until it is completely absorbed by the skin. For dosage and prescription, see the drug directions or consult a dermatologist.

20% Urea Cream Price

20% Urea Cream is available on, the largest online pharmacy in Lagos.


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