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Tussylin Cough Syrup For Adults  


What is Tussylin Cough Syrup for Adults used for?

Tussylin Cough Syrup is used for the treatment of severe frequent cough and bronchial congestion in Adults. Tussulin cough syrup can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Tussylin Cough Syrup For Adults Composition?

Tussylin Cough Syrup contains; Ammonium chloride 135 mg, Diphenhydramine HCl 14 mg, Sodium citrate 57 mg and Menthol 1.1 mg per 5 ml

How Does Tussylin Cough Syrup For Adults Work?

Tussylin Cough Syrup works by increasing the excretion of extracellular electrolytes and water out of the body. It also suppresses the histamine-1 receptor sites on effector cells and regulates the intake of sodium and potassium.

Tussylin Cough Syrup For Adults Dosage

Take Tussylin Cough Syrup exactly as prescribed by your physician.

What Are The Side Effects Of Tussylin Cough Syrup for Adults?

•          Rash

•          Itching or swelling

•          Severe dizziness

•          Trouble breathing.

•          Headache

How Long Does It Take For Tussylin Cough Syrup For Adults To Work?

Tussylin cough syrup for adults starts to work within 15mins to 30mins of taking it.

Where Can I Buy Tussylin Cough Syrup For Adults?

Tussylin Cough Syrup for Adults can be purchased at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy Store.

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