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Truvada is a medication used in combination with other HIV medications to control HIV infections. Truvada which contains a combination of emtricitabine and tenofovir which can help decrease the amount of HIV In the body, So the immune system can work better, lowering chances of HIV complications (such as new infections and cancer) thereby improving the overall quality of life.

Emtricitabine belongs to a medicine class known as nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors while Tenofovir Is a nucleotide transcriptase inhibitor. This medication should be used in combination with at least one other HIV medication. Using Truvada alone lessens its effectiveness.

 Truvada is also used to aid the prevention of HIV infections in people who have a high risk for infections, such as individuals with multiple sex partners, a partner with HIV, unprotected sex, sexually transmitted disease, and drug and alcohol abuse.

 Truvada is not a cure for HIV, therefore to reduce the risk of spreading the infection to others, do not stop using all the HIV medications provided by your doctor, use an effective barrier method of contraceptive such as condoms or dental dams, and do not share personal items that may have come in contact with blood and other body fluids such as needles, toothbrushes, and razors.

 How do I use Truvada?

 Truvada is to be used in combination with other HIV medications when treating HIV infections. If you have any questions about this medication or your condition, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Truvada should be used by mouth as directed by your doctor usually once daily.  Truvada’s dosage will be based on your kidney function, response to treatment, medical condition, and body weight (in children).

 Do not skip any doses, and do not use more or less than has been prescribed even for a short time as this may cause the infection to become more difficult to treat, worsen side effects, or may also cause the amount of the virus to increase.

What are the side effects of Truvada?

Here is a list of possible side effects you may experience while using Truvada: 

• Headache

• Diarrhea

• Dizziness

• Trouble sleeping

• Back pain 

• Change in skin color on palms and sole of feet. 

Inform your doctor if any of these symptoms persist.

 It is important to know that because Truvada in combination with other HIV treatments help strengthen the immune system, it can begin to fight off previous infections you may have had, causing symptoms to return.  This reaction may occur at anytime after treatment has started, so get help immediately you notice any serious side effects such as:

• Unexplained weight loss

• Severe tiredness

• Fever

• swollen lymph nodes

• Severe headaches

• Gullain Barre syndrome(Signs include loss of coordination, trouble swallowing, speaking, chewing, or moving your eyes)

• Signs of nerve problems

• Mental or mood changes

• other unlisted symptoms

 If you notice any of these symptoms or they persist seek medical aid immediately.

In rare cases, this medication may cause severe or fatal liver and blood problems (lactic acidosis). Inform your doctor if you notice symptoms of liver problems (including persistent nausea and vomiting, yellowing eyes or skin, dark urine, stomach or abdominal pain) or lactic acidosis (such as deep or rapid breathing, nausea and vomiting, and unusual weakness)

 Your doctor may prescribe calcium and vitamin D supplements alongside Truvada as it may result in bone loss. Inform your doctor if you have bone pain or easily broken bones.

 Inform your doctor of any and every other symptom you notice.


 Inform your doctor of any medications you may be on before you start taking Truvada, or if you have any allergies. Also inform your doctor of any history of liver problems such as hepatitis B or C or Cirrhosis, Pancreatitis, alcohol use, bone problems, or kidney disease.  Limit alcohol use while on Truvada.

 During pregnancy, this medication should only be used when needed, Truvada also passes into breast milk, but you should avoid breastfeeding if you have HIV as the virus can pass into breast milk.

 Truvada may decrease the effectiveness of atazanavir. Do not use any other medication with Truvada that may contain the same active ingredient (such as Tefonovir, emtricitabine, or lamivudine) 

Where in Nigeria can I Buy Truvada?

Truvada is available for purchase on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy You can simply click here to view this product.

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