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What Is Trosyl Nail Solution Used For?

Trosyl Nail Solution is used as one of the common treatments for nail infection or onychomycosis. It is a topical medication that contains Tioconazole that fights infections caused by toenail fungi as well as yeasts, bacteria and moulds. Trosyl Nail Solution can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Trosyl Nail Solution Composition?

Trosyl Nail Solution contains Tioconazole as the active ingredient. Each millilitre of Tioconazole contains 283 mg of tioconazole. The other ingredients include; ethyl acetate and undecylenic acid.

Trosyl Nail Solution Dosage

Apply Trosyl Nail Solution twice each day to the affected nail using the brush provided.

How Do I Use Trosyl Nail Solution?

•          Apply Trosyl Nail Solution thinly to cover the whole of the affected nail(s) and surrounding skin using the brush provided.

•          Apply Trosyl Nail Solution every 12 hours.

•          Leave Trosyl Nail Solution to dry for 10-15 minutes after application.

How Quickly Does Trosyl Nail Solution Become Effective?

You may need 6 to 12 months of treatment with Trosyl Nail Solution for you to see it’s full effect.

What Are The Common Side Effects Of Trosyl Nail Solution?

Common side effects include;

•          Ingrown toenail

•          Redness

•          Itching

•          Swelling

•          Burning or stinging

•          Blisters

•          Pain.

What Is The Price Of Trosyl Nail Solution?

Trosyl Nail Solution Price is listed as ₦1,775 on

Where Can I Buy Trosyl Nail Solution?

Buy Trosyl Nail Solution at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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