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What Are The Uses Of Thiopental Inj?

•          Thiopental inj is used to start general anaesthesia which is a state of heavy sleep e.g. during surgery.

•          It provides hypnosis ( a state in which you are sleepy but not completely asleep) during anaesthesia together with other anaesthetic agents

•          It is used as part of treatment for cramps including those caused by local anaesthetics.

•          It is used to reduce pressure in the skull (known as intracranial pressure) in patients where the pressure is increased (if assisted ventilation is provided

What Is Thiopental Inj 1G Composition?

It contains Thiopental sodium and Sodium carbonate as the active ingredients.

How Does Thiopental Inj 1G Work?

Thiopental inj 1G Injection is a general anaesthetic agent that works by causing loss of consciousness for a certain duration of time. This aids to carry out surgical procedures or diagnostic procedures without causing pain or discomfort to the patient.

How Is Thiopental Inj 1G Administered?

Thiopental inj 1G is a thiobarbiturate with rapid onset for intravenous administration (into the vein) by a medical professional.

What Are The Common Side Effects of Thiopental Inj 1G?

Common side effects of Thiopental inj 1G includes;

•          Heart arrhythmia

•          Heart disorder

•          Low blood pressure

•          Sleepiness

•          Delayed awakening from the anaesthesia given

•          Breathing difficulties

•          over-breathing (hyperventilation)

•          Difficulty in swallowing

•          Coughing

•          Snoring

•          Shivering

•          Blood clotting within blood vessels

•          Inflammation of a vein

•          Pain at the administration site

Where Can I Buy Thiopental Inj 1G?

You can buy Thiopental Inj 1G at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.

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