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What is Tandak injection 1.5g indicated For?

Tandak injection 1.5g is used for the treatment of a wide range of infections such as skin and soft tissue infections, cholecystitis, osteomyelitis, chronic suppurative bacteria otitis media, gonorrhoea, chancroid, syphilis, UTI infections, meningitis, a nosocomial infection caused by susceptible bacteria. Tandak injection 1.5g can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Tandak Injection 1.5g Composition?

Each Tandak injection 1.5g combi pack contains; Ceftriaxone with sulbactam for injection -1 vial

Each vial contains: Ceftriaxone sodium USP equivalent to ceftriaxone anhydrous, 1000mg sulbactam sodium USP equivalent to sulbactam 500mg

Sterilized water for injections BP 10ml – 1 Ampoule

Tandak Injection 1.5g Dosage

For Adults: The usual adult daily dose in adults with normal renal function is equivalent to Tandak injection 1 to 2 grams given once a day (or in two equally divided doses given 12 hours apart). The dose of Tandak injection depends upon the type of infection and its severity. (The total daily Tandak injection dose should never exceed 4 grams)

For Children: for the treatment of skin and skin structure infections: The recommended total daily Tandak dose is 50 to 75 mg/kg, once a day (or in two equally divided doses 12 hours apart).

Is Tandak injection 1.5g safe to Use In Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Tandak injection of 1.5g can be used during pregnancy if clearly needed. It is secreted in the breast milk at low concentrations, hence caution should be exercised during breastfeeding in nursing mothers.

What Is The Route Of Administration Of Tandak Injection?

It is given intramuscularly or intravenously.

What Are The Side Effects Of Tandak Injection 1.5g?

Side Effects of Tandak Injection 1.5g include;

•          Diarrhoea

•          Nausea

•          Vomiting

•          Bleeding

•          Oedema

Where Can I purchase Tandak Injection 1.5g online in Nigeria?

You can purchase Tandak Injection 1.5g at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.

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