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Blood Tonic

De deon Blood Tonic

Dedeon Blood Tonic Reviews Dedeon Blood Tonic is a highly recommended blood tonic amongst customers. Best Blood Tonic In Nigeria There are various brands of blood tonic in Nigeria. Some of which are Chemiron, Feroglobin, Astyfer, Astymin, Orheptal and others….

Chemiron Capsules

What Is Chemiron Used For? Chemiron is a blood tonic used for maintaining normal blood level by producing blood cells and platelets in the body. Chemiron Syrup is available on Drugstore Nigeria, Nigeria‚Äôs Largest Online Pharmacy.  What Does Blood Tonic…

Bunto Blood Tonic

Bunto For Weight Gain Bunto is a formulation that contains Iron, Vitamin B12, Vitamin B complex and Zinc. it is indicated in the treatment of Iron deficiency anaemia and increased Iron demand. Does Bunto Cause Weight Gain Bunto is a…