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What is Swissgarde Omega Plus Used For?

Swissgarde Omega plus contains omega 3, 6 and 9 which makes Swissgarde omega plus a powerful restorative and health protector product. Swissgarde Omega Plus is available at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What Does Swissgarde Omega Plus Contain?

It contains four Omega Oils which include; Omega 3(Fish Oils), Omega 6 (Evening Primrose and Borage Oils), Omega 9 (derived from olive oils) and Garlic Oils.

What Are The Health Benefits of Swissgarde Omega Plus?

•          It helps to regulate and normalize the blood pressure of the body. 

•          It lowers cholesterol levels.

•          It helps to relieve menstrual Cramps. 

•          Swissgarde Omega Plus helps to relieve migraine headaches. 

•          It improves blood circulation, varicose veins, burning feet, and prostate problems.

•            Swissgarde Omega Plus also helps to relieve symptoms of arthritis, widespread pain in the joints, muscles, and tendons, rheumatism, osteoporosis, and gout. 

•          It is beneficial for diabetic patients

•          Swissgarde Omega Plus is very effective in treating Eczema and Psoriasis.

•          Swissgarde Omega Plus helps to Increase resistance to colds & flu.

•          Swissgarde Omega Plus is beneficial for candida treatment.

•          It is also beneficial for recovery from stroke.

What is Swissgarde Omega Plus Dosage?

It contains 30 Capsules in all for 30 days. To be taken once per day.

Where Can I Buy Swissgarde Omega Plus In Nigeria?

You can buy Swissgarde Omega Plus at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store

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