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What is Stomach Acid Defence used for?

Stomach acid defence is a dietary supplement that contains a blend of historically used Chinese herbs formulated to provide nutritive support for healthy stomach acid levels in people experiencing a backward flow of stomach acids and enzymes which creates discomfort in their oesophagus. Stomach acid defence can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

Stomach Acid Defence Composition

Stomach acid defence contains;

•          Calories

•          Total Carbohydrate

•          Ark/Cockle

•          Black Jujube

•          Licorice

•          Ginger

•          Magnolia

•          Tangerine

•          Green Citrus

Stomach Acid Defence Dosage

Take 2-4 capsules of stomach acid defence daily with meals. You can take up to 12 capsules of stomach acid defence a day.

Where to buy Stomach acid defence

You can buy stomach acid defence at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.