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What is Stimol effervescent powder used for?

Stimol effervescent powder is used for the treatment of symptoms of asthenia which include; general weakness, emotional lability, chronic fatigue, low ability to work and drowsiness. It is also indicated for muscle pain and cramps that appear due to the accumulation of lactate after physical exertion. Stimol effervescent powder can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is the composition of Stimol effervescent powder?

Stimol effervescent powder contains Citrulline malware as the active substance.

1 sachet of Stimol effervescent powder contains 1 g of citrulline malate (equivalent to 566.44 mg of L-citrulline and 433.56 mg).

Other ingredients include; DL-malic acid (E 296));

Povidone, Sodium bicarbonate, Maltodextrin, Sodium saccharin and Strawberry flavour.

What is Stimol effervescent powder indicated for?

It is indicated for symptomatic treatment of functional asthenia (abnormal physical weakness or lack of energy) which includes;

  • Physical weakness
  • Mental weakness
  • Post-infectious weakness
  • Postoperative weakness
  • Weakness in old age;
  • Weakness in athletes;
  • Vegetative-vascular dystonia of the hypotonic type
  • Alcohol withdrawal syndrome
  • Sexual weakness

Stimol effervescent powder Dosage

Adults: Take 1 sachet of Stimol effervescent powder 3 times a day.

Children over 6 years: Take 1 sachet of stimuli effervescent powder 2 times a day.

How to use Stimol effervescent powder.

  • Take Stimol effervescent powder orally.
  • Pre-dissolve the contents of the sachet in 100ml of water or sweetened beverage (tea, juice, compote, etc
  • Take Stimol effervescent powder with a meal.

For how long can I use Stimol effervescent powder?

The recommended maximum Stimol course of treatment is 4 weeks.

What are the possible side effects of taking Stimol effervescent powder?

Possible side effects include;

  •  Minor epigastric pain
  • Allergic reactions

Is Stimol effervescent powder safe to use in pregnancy and lactation?

Stimol effervescent powder should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation.

Is stimol effervescent powder safe for use in Children?

Stimol effervescent powder should not be used in children below the age of 6 years.

Where can I buy Stimol effervescent powder?

Buy Stimol effervescent powder at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.