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What is the Sterimar baby used for?

Sterimar baby is a medical device, a natural isotonic solution that helps to gently unblock and clear little noses. It is recommended for babies 0-3years for clearing up baby noses thereby facilitating better feeding and sleep. Sterimar baby can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

How do Sterimar Baby?

Sterimar Baby is used as a nasal spray and it works by clearing up impurities from the nose and moisturising nasal passages to soothe irritated nasals. Sterimar baby is completely safe to use in babies 0-3 years, and it clears up nasals thereby helping to facilitate better feeding and sleeping.

What is Sterimar Baby’s composition?

It contains:

•          Sea water: 31.82ml,

•          Purified water qsp: 100ml

How often should Sterimar baby be used in a Day?

Sterimar baby can be used 2 to 6 times a day or more as required in each nostril.

How to use Sterimar baby

•          It is advised that you use Sterimar baby every day to clean your baby’s nose.

•          Press the nozzle gently before use to prime the isotonic solution.

•          Lay your baby down on the side or sit them up with their head tilted sideways before administering Sterimar baby.

•          Insert the nozzle into your baby’s nostril lightly and press without much pressure.

•          Let any excess solution run out before repeating the procedure in the other nostril.

•          Rinse the nozzle with soap and warm water to keep it clean

•          You may use Sterimar baby six times a day in each nostril, or more if it is necessary.

Is the Sterimar baby safe to use?

Sterimar Baby is made of pure, gentle and natural seawater nasal spray that is safe to use for babies.

Sterimar uses fine droplets of seawater to soften and lose nasal mucus to clear the nasal passages, relieving the blocked nose.

Can the Sterimar baby be used while my baby is sleeping?

Use Sterimar baby before your baby feeds or goes to sleep as this will help your baby feed and sleep well.

Where can I buy a Sterimar baby in Nigeria?

Buy a Sterimar baby at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store