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SAMSCA 15mg x 10  

What is Samsca used for?

Samsca is a prescription medicine used for the treatment of symptoms of Hyponatremia. Samsca may be used alone or with other medications. Samsca can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Samsca 15mg active ingredient?

Samsca contains Tolvaptan as the active ingredient

How does Samsca work?

Samsca contains Tolvaptan as the active ingredient and it belongs to a group of medicines called vasopressin antagonists. It works by preventing the vasopressin effect on water retention which leads to a reduction in the amount of water in the body by increasing urine production and as a result, it increases the level of sodium in the blood.

Samsca Dosage

Samsca 15mg is administered once daily with or without food. The dose is increased to 30 mg once daily, after at least 24 hours, to a maximum of 60 mg once daily, as needed so the desired level of serum sodium can be achieved.

How long can you take Samsca 15mg?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has determined that the drug Samsca should not be used for longer than 30 days and should not be used in patients with underlying liver disease because the use of Samsca can cause liver injury, potentially requiring liver transplant or death.

How quickly does Samsca work?

The onset of the Samsca effect is two to four hours after a dose is taken, and the peak of its effect occurs four to eight hours after administration.

What are the side effects of Samsca 15mg?

Common side effects include;

•          Thirst,

•          Dry mouth,

•          Loss of appetite,

•          Constipation, or

•          Weakness

•          Dehydration can occur

•          People with severe liver disease (cirrhosis) may have an increased risk of bleeding from the stomach or intestines while taking this medication.

Can Samsca be used in pregnancy?

Samsca is not recommended for use in pregnancy.

Where to buy Samsca 15mg?

Buy Samsca 15mg at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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