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Sabresten Cream

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Sabresten belongs to the Antifungal class of medicines which are used to treat fungal infections of the skin and body. Sabresten works by limiting the growth of a wide range of fungi, damaging the fungal cell membrane.

What is Sabresten cream used for?

Sabresten Topical Cream functions as a fungal skin infection treatment. If you have any skin infection such as infection of the vulva, or infection of the vagina, Sabresten cream can be applied alongside other medicines.


Bis-phenyl- 2- Chloro-phenyl 1 imidazolyl- Methane 1 inert Cream Base o/w to 100

Active Ingredient


Direction for use

Apply a thin layer of Sabresten and gently rub on the affected area 2-3 times daily.


Consult your doctor or medical practitioner immediately if you notice any abnormality while using the drug.

How do I know Clotrimazole is working?

The effect of the clotrimazole drug usually kicks in after two weeks of using clotrimazole. Infections such as athlete’s foot usually clear up within a week of treatment, and some other areas of the body might take longer but if you do not notice any changes after using the drug, make an appointment with a physician at Drugstore Nigeria, an Online Pharmacy in Lagos.

Which medicine is best for white discharge?

Apply the cream to the affected area.

How long does it take for 3-day yeast infection treatment to work?

You should start noticing changes within a few hours or days at most of using the 3-day cream.

How do you apply Clotrimazole cream?

Apply the cream around the affected area two to three times daily and rub it gently. Keep using the keep till you notice the itching and soreness due to the infection, fading away.

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