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What is Rinoflux 2ml Used For?

Rinoflux is a sterile saline solution used to clean the nose in adults and children, to moisten the nasal mucosa. It is also used for external hygiene of the eyes in the case of the principle of conjunctivitis in infants and in the case of lacrimal duct obstruction. Rinoflux 2ml can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Rinoflux 2ml Composition?

Rinoflux is a sterile preparation composed of sodium chloride and purified water.

Benefits of using Rinoflux 2ml

•          It helps to clear your nose

•          Rinoflux 2ml is suitable for use in aerosol therapy

•          It helps to remove mucus and other secretions relieving respiratory tract congestion and keeping your nose clean.

•          It has a lubricating and humidifying action that helps to keep the nose free of mucus

How to use Rhinoflux 2ml

Use for daily hygiene as a nasal wash or as a nasal douche in aerosol therapy as necessary.

Is Rhinoflux 2ml Suitable For Use in Children?

Rhinoflux 2ml is suitable for use in both children and adults.

Where can I buy Rhinoflux 2ml?

You can buy Rhinoflux 2ml at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store

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