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What is The Drug Parlodel Used For?

Parlodel is used to treat conditions caused by hormonal imbalance leading to excess prolactin in the blood (hyperprolactinemia). It is also sometimes used in the treatment of acromegaly and some symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

When Should Parlodel Be Taken?

Parlodel should be taken strictly according to your doctor’s prescription.

Is Parlodel a Fertility Drug?

Parlodel is sometimes used to normalize menstrual periods thereby increasing the chances of getting pregnant.

Is Parlodel Safe?

Parlodel is safe when it is used based on a doctor’s prescription. Individuals with certain health conditions like low blood pressure, liver disease, stomach ulcer, tumour of the pituitary gland and history of mental illness should discuss with their doctors before the commencement of usage.

Parlodel and Pregnancy

The use of Parlodel during pregnancy is not advised.

Parlodel and Menstruation

Parlodel is used to normalize menstrual period.

Parlodel Side Effects

Parlodel has some serious side effects and some less serious side effects. Some of the serious side effects include vision problems, constant runny nose, chest pain, back pain, hallucination, low blood sugar and high blood pressure. Some less serious side effects are dizziness, stuffy nose, stomach ache, mild headache, depressed mood, loss of appetite and cold feeling.

How Effective is Parlodel

Parlodel is effective in the treatment of hormonal imbalance leading to excess prolactin in the blood. It should be used as prescribed.

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