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Panda Syrup


Panda Syrup is used to relieve mild to moderate pain from a headache, toothache, cold, flu, joint pain, or period pain. This medicine works by reducing the activity of certain chemicals in the body to provide pain-relieving effects. Panda is also used to reduce fever. This medicine reduces fever by increasing the loss of heat from the body. Panda Syrup may also be used along with other medicines in the treatment of certain conditions as recommended by the doctor. It is used with Caffeine and Aspirin to relieve the pain associated with a migraine headache. The pain is relieved because the effect of Panda gets increased when used together with caffeine or aspirin.

What is Panda syrup?

Panda syrup has paracetamol as its primary constituent, which helps to relieve pain. It assists in relieving children with a range of symptoms, such as colds, flu, headaches, toothaches, and body and joint discomfort.

How many drops of paracetamol can a baby have?

Do not give to newborns under the age of two months. No more than two doses should be given to infants aged 2-3 months. Give no more than four doses in a 24-hour period.

Panda Syrup side effect

When using Panda Syrup, the following side effects are prevalent. If any of these adverse effects become severe or remain for an extended period, you should contact your doctor:


Breathing problems


Mouth ulcers

Skin rash

Swelling of the face

Swelling of the lips

Swelling of the throat

Swelling of the tongue

Panda paracetamol syrup

Panda Paracetamol Drops is an analgesic and antipyretic used to treat pain and fever in infants.

Panda paracetamol uses

The tablets are prescribed for the relief of the symptoms of colds, influenza, and sore throat, as well as the treatment of most painful and febrile illnesses, such as headache, including migraine, backache, toothache, rheumatic pain, and dysmenorrhoea.

Panda paracetamol 500mg

Paracetamol 500mg Tablets (called paracetamol throughout this leaflet). The active ingredient in this drug is paracetamol. It is an analgesic (painkiller) that is used to treat pain (such as headaches, toothaches, back pain, and period pain) as well as cold and flu symptoms.

Panda paracetamol for newborn

Unless a doctor prescribes it, paracetamol should not be given to babies younger than 2 months old, and newborns. If your child is small for their age, consult your doctor or pharmacist before giving them paracetamol, as a lower dose may be preferable.

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Panda paracetamol syrup dosage

Panda is usually used in 1000 mg doses every 4-6 hours when symptoms are present (not more than 4000 mg in one day). Panda’s maximum daily dose for adults is 4000 mg. This drug is usually taken for 3 days to treat a fever and 10 days to treat pain. This drug takes 30 minutes to start working. This medication isn’t known to be addictive.

This medication should only be taken as needed.

Use in Children

If you’re giving Panda Syrup to a child, make sure it’s a child-friendly version. Before giving this drug to a kid, check the product label for the appropriate dose based on the child’s weight or age.

Panda paracetamol drops dosage for infants

Administer 0.4ml to infants up to 3 months old as directed on the dropper included in the package. 3–4 times a day is recommended. Administer 1ml or the top mark on the dropper 3 to 4 times a day to infants aged 4 to 11 months.

Direction For Use

Read the directions on the product label, patient guide, or medicine guide provided by the medicine company or your pharmacist before starting to use Panda Syrup. If you have any questions related to this medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Use this medicine as recommended by your doctor.

Pain medicines work best if they are used as soon as you feel any signs of pain. Panda Syrup may not work well if you delay using it until the symptoms have worsened.

Panda Syrup is used with or without food. Do not crush, chew or dissolve the medicine in water.


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