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Numbing Creams In Nigeria

Numbing cream meaning

Numbing creams in Nigeria are topical or local anaesthetic that is used to numb the surface part of the body. They can be used to numb any area of the skin as well as the front of the eyeball, the inside of the nose, ear or throat, the anus and the genital area.

Skin-numbing creams work by blocking sodium channels, so the nerves that supply sensation to the skin can’t send pain signals. These creams may be used during cosmetic appointments, before minor surgery, before receiving a tattoo, or other times when the skin may be exposed to pain.

Numbing creams act on the dermis and its implanted pain receptors, preventing the receptors from sending pain signals to the brain for a brief period of time. The impact is temporary and is ideal for epilators and hair removal.

Numbing creams are used for different purposes or used in many ways and some the ways are listed below;

Ways In Which Skin Numbing Creams Are Used 

Numbing cream for tattoo

These are the numbing creams used to help numb the skin against the pain of tattooing. They are more especially used by people who are trying to get rid of their tattoo during a laser tattoo removal process.

A popular and trusted brand of numbing creams in Nigeria that has been found to be really helpful for any tattoo appointment is the Emla Numbing cream.

Emla can also be used to numb the skin before laser tattoo removal.

Numbing cream for epilating

Epilating is the process of getting rid of the body hair by pulling them from the root. As it is obvious that this can be a painful procedure, skin numbing creams are used to prevent this pain. 

Applying numbing creams before epilation eliminates all pain and discomfort by reducing epilator irritations, resulting in a more pleasant hair removal experience.

Numbing cream for waxing

Similar to epilating, waxing is another method of hair removal. Waxing is the method of removing hair from the root by applying a sticky substance on the body hair, such as wax, and then removing the covering and pulling the hair out of the follicle.

Numbing creams can work and can help with waxing pain, but you shouldn’t use them all the time, especially for minor procedures like tweezing or plucking.

Numbing cream for feet

If you’re preparing for a whole day of walking in high heels, you might want to keep some numbing cream handy. Applying topical anaesthetic such as Emla numbing cream to your feet can make you last longer on high heels. You just have to be careful not to apply the cream to open wounds. 

Numbing cream for face

When a numbing cream is required for usage on the face, it should be applied in a thin layer to the area to be treated or to the entire face if the treatment requires it. The anaesthetic chemicals should start working right away, but the cream can be left on for up to 15-20 minutes for the best results.

Numbing cream for piercings

In Nigeria, numbing creams are often used to alleviate the pain associated with piercings. Pain is an unavoidable element of all piercings, whether you like it or not.

Emla and other numbing creams are generally helpful at reducing pain and discomfort.

Emla should be applied to the appropriate area for at least 1 to 1.5 hours and allowed to soak into the skin rather than being massaged in for best results.

Another amazing anaesthetic cream that works for piercing is Numbskin. All you need to do is to apply to your scream an hour earlier prior to the piercing procedure.

Popular Numbing Creams in Nigeria

Whether you’re waxing yourself at home or dreading going to the appointment you have scheduled, two numbing products.

Emla Cream

Emla Cream, also known as Numbing Cream is a top local anaesthetic containing two active ingredients Lidocaine and Prilocaine. Its numbing effect on the skin makes it suitable for easing pain during minor health procedures like injections, vaccinations, or cosmetics procedures like tattoo removal.

More information about Emla cream is available on Drugstore Nigeria, the largest online pharmacy in Lagos. You can also purchase Emla cream on Drugstore.

Lidocaine Gel

Lidocaine is a topical anaesthetic that acts by temporarily numbing or paralyzing the skin and mucous membranes. More information about Lidocaine gel is available here.

Lidocaine gel is available for purchase on Drugstore Nigeria, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy.


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