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What is Noristerat injection used for?

Noristerat is an injectable (depot) contraceptive used as a short-term method of contraception. Noristerat is used in women whose partners are undergoing vasectomy until the vasectomy is effective. It is also for use in women who are immunised against rubella, to prevent pregnancy while the virus is active. Noristerat can be purchased at Drugstore Pharmacy, an online pharmacy in Lagos.

What does Noristerat injection contain?

Noristerat injection contains a type of female sex hormone, called a progestogen. It contains Norethisterone enanthate as the active substance.

Each ampoule of Noristerat injection contains 200mg of the progestogen norethisterone enanthate in 1ml of oily solution for injection into a muscle. Other ingredients include; Benzyl benzoate and castor oil for injection.

How does Noristerat injection work?

Noristerat injection contains a type of female sex hormone, called a progestogen which works to prevent pregnancy in three ways;

•        It prevents an egg from being released from the ovaries.

•        It thickens the fluid (mucus) in the cervix which makes it more difficult for sperm to enter the womb

•        It also prevents the lining of the womb from thickening enough for an egg to grow in it.

How to use Noristerat Injection

Your doctor or family planning clinic will give you the first dose of Noristerat injection within the first five days of your period (unless you start just after pregnancy or an abortion). The Noristerat injection is given into the muscle. By starting in this way you will have contraceptive protection at once and one dose of Noristerat injection gives you contraception for 8 weeks.

 After 8 weeks a second injection can be given. Do not leave any longer than 8 weeks between injections or contraceptive protection will be lost

What are the benefits of Noristerat injection?

•        Noristerat injection is one of the most reliable reversible methods of contraception if used correctly

•        You only have to remember to visit your doctor after 8 weeks for the second dose of Noristerat injection

•        Noristerat injection doesn’t interrupt sex

What are the side effects of using Noristerat injection?

•        Noristerat injection can increase your chances of having a blood clot.

•        It doesn’t protect you from sexually transmitted infections such as HIV, Clamydia, only a condom does

•        The use of Noristerat injection has been linked to liver disease

•        It has also been linked to liver cancer

•        Psychiatric disorders

Who should not take Noristerat injection?

•        Do not use Noristerat injection if you are pregnant or might be pregnant

•        Do not use Noristerat injection If you have ever had a problem with your blood circulation which includes a blood clot (thrombosis) in the legs (deep vein thrombosis), lungs (pulmonary embolism), heart (heart attack), brain (stroke) or any other parts of the body.

•        Do not use Noristerat injection If you have or have ever had severe liver disease

•        If you have or have ever had liver tumours, do not take Noristerat injection

•        Do not take Noristerat injection If you have severe diabetes affecting your blood vessel

•        If you have very high blood pressure, or disorders of blood fat (lipid) metabolism, do not use Noristerat injection.

•        If you have an inherited disease called porphyria and If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to norethisterone enanthate or any of Noristerat’s ingredients.

Where can I buy Noristerat injection?

You can buy a Noristerat injection at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.

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