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Neocaf (Caffeine Citrate) 10mg/ml I.V. Injection (10 Ampoules)

What Is Neocaf injection Used For?

Neocaf injection is used to treat short-term apnea of prematurity, which occurs when premature babies (those born between 28 and 32 weeks) stop breathing. Prematurity apnea is caused by the baby’s breathing centres not fully developing. It is a prescription-only medication. Neocaf Injections can be purchased from Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is The Composition Of Neocaf Injection?

Neocaf Injection contains Caffeine citrate 10mg/ml as the active ingredient.

Each 1ml of solution contains Caffeine Citrate 10mg which is equivalent to 5mg of Caffeine.

Other ingredient includes Sodium.1ml of the Neocaf Injection solution contains 3.04mg of sodium.

How Is Neocaf Injection Administered?

•          Caffeine citrate (Neocaf injection) treatment should start under the supervision of a neonatal intensive care physician. Only in a neonatal intensive care unit with adequate facilities for patient surveillance and monitoring should treatment be administered.

•          Caffeine Citrate (Neocaf Injection) is clinically effective within 4 hours when administered orally or intravenously. If the patient does not respond within this time frame, a second loading dose may be administered. Caffeine blood levels should be measured if there is no clinical response to the second loading dose.

What Is The Duration Of Treatment With Neocaf Injection?

The optimal duration of treatment has yet to be determined. A recent large multicenter study on preterm newborn infants reported a median treatment period of 37 days.

Treatment should be continued until the child reaches 37 weeks gestational age, at which point prematurity apnoea usually resolves spontaneously.

Can Neocaf Injection be used in Children, Adults and the Elderly?

Neocaf injection is not applicable for use in Children, Adults and the Elderly.

What Are The Common Side Effects Of Neocaf Injection?

Common side effects include;

•          Infusion site phlebitis

•          Infusion site inflammation

•          Tachycardia(Fast heart rate)

•          Hyperglycemia(High blood sugar level)

What Is The Price Of Neocaf Injection In Nigeria?

The price of a Neocaf injection is listed as; ₦57,000 on

Where Can I Buy Neocaf Injection?

Buy Neocaf injection at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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