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Nebido injection

Nebido is a testosterone-containing injection, used in men as a testosterone replacement therapy in adult men experiencing health problems caused by low testosterone (hypogonadism) 

Some problems that may be caused by hypogonadism include:

• Infertility 

• Low sex drive 

• Tiredness 

• Bone loss caused by low hormone levels. 

• Depressive moods 

Who cannot use Nebido? 

Nebido should not be used by any of the following people:

• Individuals allergic to testosterone undecanoate or other ingredients in Nebido

• Individuals with androgen-dependent cancer, prostate cancer, or breast cancer. 

• Liver tumor

• This medication is not intended for use in women 

What are the effects of Nebido on Fertility? 

Very high doses of Nebido or other testosterone medication may cause a reversible reduction or stoppage of sperm production

 What are the possible side effects of Nebido? 

Although not all patients may experience these effects, some possible side effects of Nebido injection include:

• Abnormally high red blood cell levels

• Acne

• Hot flushes

• Weight gain

• Enlarge prostate

• Depression

• Insomnia

• Aggression

• Restlessness

• Restlessness 

• Irritability

• Tremors

• Headache

• Migraine

• High blood pressure

• Bronchitis

• Muscle pain

• Voice problems

• Snoring

• changes in sexual appetite

• Excessive sweating

• Other unlisted side effects

 If you notice any of these side effects or they worsen, inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.

What does Nebido injection contain?

The active ingredient in Nebido is 250mg/ml of testosterone undecanoate, corresponding to 157.9mg of testosterone. Other ingredients include benzyl benzoate and refined castor oil. 

What is Nebido used for?

It is used as a testosterone replacement in primary and secondary hypogonadism. 

Where can I buy Nebido in Nigeria? 

Nebido is available for purchase on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy You can simply click here to view this product.

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