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N/F EYE CAP 120 Tab

What is N/F EYE CAP used for?

N/F EYE CAP is an eye antioxidant that is indicated for the treatment of age-related molecular degeneration (AMD). It is used as an adjuvant treatment in the management of any common eye diseases. It helps to provide additional nutritional support for healthy eye function in adults. N/F EYE CAP is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is the composition of N/F EYE CAP?

N/F Eye Cap contains naturally sourced eye vitamins which include, Zeaxanthin, lutein, Eyebright herb powder, Citrus bioflavonoids peel powder, and Bilberry fruit extract. Others include Riboflavin, Rutin, Vitamin A(as beta carotene and retinyl palmitate), and Vitamin E (as DL- tocopherol acetate).

How N/F EYE Cap works

N/F  Eye Cap is an advanced eye antioxidant and vitamin formula that contains zeaxanthin, lutein and bilberry among other nutrients to support good vision and eye health. Zeaxanthin and lutein vitamins are natural carotenoids found in the macula segment of the retina the human body does not produce these carotenoids. The accumulation of Zeaxanthin and lutein in the eye is dependent on dietary intake. Lutein and Zeaxanthin help to prevent Age-related molecular degeneration (AMD), but they may also slow down the progression of the disease.

What is AMD Disease?

AMD is a disease that occurs when the small central portion of the retina, known as the macula, deteriorates. AMD develops as the patient ages.

N/F EYE Cap Dosage

Take a Capsule of N/F Eye Cap once a day.

How do I use N/F Eye Cap?

•          N/F Eye Cap consists of an easy to swallow one-day tablets.

•          Take N/F Eye Cap with your main meal.

•          Do not exceed the recommended daily intake of N/F Eye Cap. 

•          Take N/F Eye Cap as long as it is required, as a regular vitamin intake to support good vision.

How long will it take for N/F Eye Cap to be Effective?

To get an effective result, it is recommended that you take N/F Eye Cap for 4 months.

What are the benefits of taking N/F Eye Cap?

•          It has no significant side effects and therefore it’s safe for use

•          N/F Eye Cap is a special combination of eye health vitamins and minerals that provides the eyes with macular support.

•          N/F Eye Cap promotes healthy eyes and vision clarity.

What are the possible side effects of N/F Eye Cap?

 There are no significant side effects to using this drug hence it is safe to use.

N/F Eye Cap Price

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