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Mucus extractor

What is a mucus extractor? 

A mucus extractor is a device also known as a bulb syringe, used in clearing the nasal airways of children that may have trouble blowing their nose as in newborn babies.

 A mucus extractor helps unblock nasal airways that have been blocked by mucus, allowing airflow easier.

 How do I use a mucus extractor?

 To use a mucus extractor, first, place your baby on their back and tilt their head slightly upwards. Squeeze the bulb of the extractor to squeeze out any air in it, and gently insert the tip into your baby’s nose and release the bulb.

 The suction force is created by the release of the bulb which pulls the mucus out of your baby’s nose into the extractor. Expel the extracted mucus into a tissue and repeat as needed.

How do I clean my baby’s mucus extractor?

 To clean your baby’s mucus extractor, fill a small container with warm, soapy water and let the mucus extractor soak for a few minutes.  Squeeze the bulb to suck in some of the soapy water, shake well and squeeze the water out. Repeat this process with warm clean water and hang the extractor, tip down. Make sure the extractor is completely dry before storing.

 Are there any dangers to using mucus extractors?

 Improper or aggressive use of mucus extractor can cause nasal damage, as the skin of your baby’s nose is delicate and thin.  It could also cause swelling when used repeatedly.

 Cross-contamination when not properly cleaned and stored or where it is shared with another child may occur. 

Where to buy Mucus extractor in Nigeria?

 Mucus extractor is available for purchase on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy You can simply click here to view this product.

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