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Maxmoral Tablets


Chymotrypsin and trypsin are active components in Maxmoral pills. Chymotrypsin is an enzyme. An enzyme is a substance that helps the body speed up chemical reactions. Chymotrypsin is used to produce medication.

People take chymotrypsin by mouth or as a shot to help swelling and redness in asthma, bronchitis, lung disorders, and sinus infections, as well as to reduce redness and swelling associated with pockets of infection (abscesses), ulcers, surgery, or traumatic injuries.

It’s also taken by mouth to help heal wounds and minimize liver damage in burn patients.

For disorders including pain and swelling (inflammation) as well as infections, chymotrypsin is either inhaled or given topically to the skin.

Chymotrypsin is sometimes administered to decrease eye damage after cataract surgery.

How Maximoral works

Ingredients in chymotrypsin help to minimize swelling (inflammation) and tissue damage.

Uses & Effectiveness Of Maximoral

  • Cataract surgery, when used by a healthcare professional.
  • Burns. There is some evidence that chymotrypsin might decrease tissue destruction in burn patients.
  • Hand Fractures. Taking chymotrypsin by mouth seems to be effective for reducing redness and swelling associated with hand fractures.
  • Other conditions.

Maximoral Side Effects

When administered by a healthcare professional in the eye, chymotrypsin is safe. When used in the eye, chymotrypsin can induce a rise in intraocular pressure as well as other eye conditions such as uveitis, iris paralysis, and keratitis.

When taken by mouth to reduce redness and swelling after surgery or injury, and when administered directly to the skin for burns, it appears to be safe for most people.

There isn’t enough information on chymotrypsin’s safety in other applications.

When given by oral, chymotrypsin can induce an allergic reaction in some people. Itching, shortness of breath, swelling of the lips or throat, shock, loss of consciousness, and death are some of the symptoms

Special Precautions & Warnings   

Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Little is known about chymotrypsin’s use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. To be on the safe side, avoid using it.

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Maxmoral Dosage

In scientific studies, the following doses have been investigated:


A 6:1 ratio (trypsin: chymotrypsin) in a combined dosage of 200,000 units USP four times daily for 10 days to minimize tissue damage in burn patients.


As part of cataract surgery, healthcare providers inject a chymotrypsin solution into the eyes.

Direction For Use

Use as directed by the physician.

Content on should not be taken as prescription or medical advice. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication. 


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