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What is Maxidex used for?

Maxidex is a prescription-only corticosteroid used to treat redness, eye inflammation caused by allergies, shingles (herpes zoster), severe acne, iritis, uveitis, eye injury, radiation, chemical burns, or certain other conditions.Maxidex is not for use in children.

Is Maxidex a steroid?

Yes, Maxidex is a steroid medicine belonging to the group of drugs called corticosteroid 

What are the side effects of Maxidex eye drops?

Common side effects of Maxidex eye drops include eye discomfort, grittiness, itchiness, irritation, pain, dry or watery eyes, redness in the eye, blurred vision, inflammation of the eye, secondary eye infection and sensitivity to sunlight

Is Maxidex an anti-inflammatory?

Yes, Maxidex is an anti-inflammatory medication. It contains Dexamethasone which is used specifically to decrease swelling (edema), associated with tumors of the spine and brain, and to treat eye inflammation.

Maxidex ingredients

Maxidex eye drops contain 1 mg active ingredient Dexamethasone per ml, together with other ingredients like dibasic anhydrous sodium phosphate, polysorbate 80, disodium edetate, sodium chloride, hypromellose and purified water

Maxidex eye drops price

Maxidex can be purchased online at Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy, Drugstore Nigeria at an affordable price

Maxidex ear drops

Maxidex ear drops is also available and used for treating inflammations in the ear

Maxidex generic name

Although there are other trade names like Decadron, Dexasone, Diodex, Hexadrol,  Dexamethasone is the generic name. 

Maxidex alternative

Other alternatives to Maxidex include; Alrex, Zymar, Alomide, Diclofenac ophthalmic

Loteprednol ophthalmic, Zymaxid, and Gatifloxacin ophthalmic


Maxidex dosage

In severe disease, drops may be used hourly, and gradually discontinued as the inflammation subsides. In mild disease, drops may be used up to four to six times daily. It’s important to follow the instructions given by your doctor. 

Content on should not be taken as prescription or medical advice. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication.

Direction of Use

Shake well before using and apply one or two drops topically in the conjunctival sac(s).Each bottle of eye drops only keeps for four weeks after you open it. Throw it away after this time.

When using the eye drops take care to not touch the dropper tip to any surface, to your eye, or with your fingers, to avoid contaminating the eye drops with germs that could cause eye infections.

For the ear drops, lie on your side or tilt the affected ear upward. Hold the dropper directly over the ear and place the prescribed number of drops into the ear canal

Content on should not be taken as prescription or medical advice. Consult your doctor or pharmacist before using any medication.

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