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Magnavit Uses

Magnavit - Shalina Healthcare

Magnavit is a drug that features as a supplement for vitamins and mineral salts. It is used for preventing and rectifying nutritional disorders, anemia, asthenia, convalescence, and stress.


Magnavit is divided into Magnavit tonic syrup and Magnavit capsules. The tonic syrup contains multivitamins, minerals, and protein, while the capsules contain multivitamins and minerals.

Active Ingredients




Direction for use

Tablets: One capsule per day at the main meal unless prescribed otherwise by a medical practitioner.

Syrup: 10mL per day for adults and 5mL per day for children (5-12years) through the Oral route.

Magnavit capsule dosage

100-300mg/day is usually prescribed. The dose may be increased to 1g/day if necessary.

How much does Magnavit cost?

Magnavit comes in Capsules and Syrup form and the prices vary with location, suppliers, and sellers. Check through Drugstore Nigeria, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy to get an accurate price.

Magnavit Syrup

Magnavit Syrup contains Minerals, multivitamins, and Proteins used for treatment, control, prevention, and improvement of Vitamin Deficiencies, Pregnancy-related mineral deficiency, Minerals related poor nutrition, and digestive disorders.

Magnavit Tonic

Magnavit Tonic just like the syrup contains all essential vitamins, minerals, and proteins needed by the body for periods of active growth, pregnancy, general weakness, loss of appetite, loss of concentration, and stressful conditions.

What is the use of Magnavit?

Magnavit is used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, certain illnesses, or during pregnancy and is available at Drugstore Nigeria.

Multivite Tablet

Multivitamin products are used to treat or prevent vitamin deficiency due to poor diet, or certain illnesses.


Be sure to follow medical supervision while using this drug, or simply consult a physician at Drugstore Nigeria.

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