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What is Kiss Condom used for?

Kiss Condom is a gently lubricated and highly affordable, quality condom that provides you with a silky natural feeling for increased pleasure and sensitivity. It also provides protection against Pregnancy and STIs such as HIV/AIDS.

What is Kiss Condom made up of?

Kiss Condom is made up of 100% latex.

How does Kiss Condom work?

Kiss Condom is worn over the male’s penis. It keeps sperm inside the condom and out of the Vagina.

What are the Benefits of using Kiss Condoms?

•        Kiss condom is highly lubricated thereby increasing sexual pleasure.

•        It helps to prevent pregnancy

•        It helps to prevent STIs

•        It comes in a flat pillow package that fits perfectly into a wallet pocket.

What are the possible side effects of Kiss Condom?

Kiss condom does not often cause side effect except it can cause irritation for people with latex allergies or sensitivities.

Where can I buy Kiss Condom?

You can buy Kiss Condom at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.