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Gbomoro Syrup is used for Toothache, Cold, Headache, Ear pain, Joint pain,  Periods pain, Fever, Flu and other conditions. Gbomoro Syrup contains  Compound Oil Tincture and Paracetamol as active ingredients. Gbomoro Syrup

What is Gbomoro?

Gbomoro is a syrup used in the treatment of toothache, fever, flu, headache, and some other conditions.

What is the work of Pican?

Piccan Teething Medicine is used to relieve pain and fever as a result of teething.

What is Nospamin for?

Nospamin pediatric drug is used for widening of the pupils of the eyes, inflammatory conditions of the eyes, and other conditions.

What is Inuwo in English?

Inuwo is known as colic in English. Colic is when a healthy child cries for a prolonged period of time.

Gbomoro For Colic

Depending on the reason for colic, Gbomoro may or may not be used in alleviating colic.

Difference Between Nospamin And Gripe Water

Nospamin and Gripe Water are two common medications self-prescribed for the treatment of colic.

Is Bonababe Good For Teething?

Bonanbabe baby teething mixture is used to relieve pain and fever as a result of teething. It is available on Drugstore Nigeria.

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