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Fucibet 0.1%, 2% Cream (30g) Betamethasone, Fusidic acid  

What is Fucibet Cream Used for? 

Fucibet cream is a combination medication used to treat flare-ups of eczema that are complicated by an infection with a particular bacteria (Staph. Aureus). You can purchase Fucibet cream online in Nigeria, at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.  

 Fucibet Cream Ingredients. 

Fucibet cream contains Betamethasone and Fusidic Acid as the active ingredients. 

 How Does Fucibet Cream Work? 

Betamethasone’s well-known anti-inflammatory and antipruritic properties are combined with fusidic acid’s strong topical antibacterial properties in FuCibet cream. 

 Fucibet Cream Dosage  

A small quantity of Fucibet Cream should be applied to the affected area twice daily until the enema clears off.  

 What are the Contraindications of Fucibet Cream? 

  •  Fucibet cream should not be used for fungal infections and in children below 1 year of age.  
  • Fucibet cream should not be used for acne, red rashes, or pimples on the face and around the mouth. 

 Is Fucibet cream safe to apply to my face? 

 On the skin, carefully massage the medication. Be careful to keep your eyes out of the way if you use it on your face. After applying Fucibet, always wash your hands unless you’re using the cream to treat your hands. If you unintentionally get any medication in your eye, flush it out right immediately with cold water. 

 What are the Side Effects Of Fucibet Cream? 

Sides effects of Fucibet Cream include; 

  • Itching  
  • Dryness of the application site 
  • Redness of the application site 
  • Burning sensation at the application site.  
  • Dry skin  
  • Skin rash  
  • Swelling of the skin  
  • Excessive hair growth  

 How Quickly Does Fucibet Cream Work? 

You should notice an improvement in your condition within seven days of using it. Where Can I Buy Fucibet Cream Online in Nigeria? 

You can buy Fucibet Cream online at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store, 


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