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What is Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop used for?

Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop is used for the treatment of symptoms associated with the nasal obstruction which includes itching, sneezing,  blocked or runny nose. Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is the Composition of Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop?

Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop contains a medicine called fluticasone propionate. It belongs to a group of medicines known as steroids (also called ‘corticosteroids’).

How does Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop work?

Flixonase Nasal Drops contain a steroid called fluticasone propionate, which is used to treat inflamed tissue. Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop work by shrinking swelling inside the nose which makes breathing easier.

Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop Dosage.

The usual starting dose for Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop is one single-use plastic container divided equally between each affected nostril, once or twice a day.

How to use Flixonase 400mcg Nasal Drop.

•          Always use Flixonase Nasal drops exactly as prescribed by the doctor.

•          Do not exceed the recommended dose of Flixonase Nasal drops in each nostril. 

•          Flixonase Nasal drops should be divided equally between both affected nostrils.

•          Your doctor will advise you on how to use Flixonase Nasal drop if only one nostril is affected.

What are the side effects of using Flixonase 400mcg Nasal drops?

Common sides effects of Flixonase Nasal drops include;

•          Sneezing

•          Irritation or dryness in the nose or throat

•          Bad taste or smell

•          Nose bleed

•          Difficulty in breathing

•          Allergic reactions

How quickly does Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop work?

It may take several weeks for Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop to shrink the polyps. It is important to keep using Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop regularly, as directed by the doctor. However, consult your doctor if you don’t notice any improvement in your symptoms after four to six weeks of using Flixonase 400mcg nasal drops.

Flixonase 400mcg Nasal Drop Precautions

•          Do not use Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop on children under 16years of age.

•          Do not take Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop if you are allergic to it or any of its ingredients.

•          Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop should not be used for longer than 6 months.

Where to buy Flixonase 400mcg nasal drop?

Buy Flixonase 400mcg Nasal drop at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store


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