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First Aid Tips for Beginners

Statistics have shown that nine out of every ten Nigerians lack basic first aid skills. This is such poor statistics for an important survival skill that often makes the difference between a rapid or prolonged recovery, a temporary or permanent disability, and even life or death. Giving heed to safety precautions while at home, work, or engaging in daily activities is important to prevent injuries and illness but first aid skills help you to preserve life, prevent deterioration and promote recovery in the event of major or minor accidents. 

There are specific first aid steps for different kinds of accident, but here are a few general tips for administering first aid;

  1. Assess the condition of the victim – is he or she breathing, in pain, or bleeding?
  2. Be calm and reassure the victim 
  3. Move the victim from any crowded or dangerous environment
  4. Try to stop any external bleeding  
  5. Always call out for medical assistance

It is never too early or late to get prepared for a rainy day. In addition to these tips, you can get proper training from professionals to improve your first aid skills. A standard first aid kit is also a must in every home and every safety-conscious environment. For as low as 4790 naira, you can get yourself a standard first aid kit today at Drugstore Nigeria. Click the button below to place your order

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