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Fimin Syrup

What is the use of Colipan syrup?

Colipan syrup is used for the treatment of abdominal pain, spasms and colic in infants. 

What Is Broncholyte Used For?

Broncholyte is used to get rid of chest congestion caused by thick mucus. It thins out the mucus making it easier to cough out.

How Do You Use Cough Syrup?

Cough syrup should be used as directed by the doctor or leaflet by the manufacturers. The dosage differs based on age, weight and health condition(s).

Astymin Syrup Dosage For Babies

Astymin should be used based on prescription by a doctor or pharmacist.

Babyrex Syrup For Teething

Babyrex syrup is used to relieve symptoms of teething.

Piccan Syrup

Piccan Syrup is used for relieving pain and other symptoms of teething.


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