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Fever Kool “N” Soothe


What is Fever Kool “N” soothe?

Fever Kool “N” Soothe is a convenient gel strip that adheres to the forehead designed to provide an immediate cooling relief to hot/feverish children one year and above. Fever Kool “N” soothe is available on Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is the Composition of Fever Kool “N” soothe?

Fever Kool “N” Soothe contains water, ethanol and menthol. Once fever Kool “N” soothe is placed on the skin they evaporate creating a quick cooling sensation.

What are the uses of Fever Kool “N” soothe?

•          Fever Kool “N” soothe is best used at times of fever to bring cooling relief.

•          Fever Kool “N” soothe can also be placed on the body to aid with toothache

•          It can be used during travel, or on hot days to cool the body’s temperature

What are the benefits of using Fever Kool “N” Soothe?

•          It provides immediate Cooling relief for fever

•          It provides 8hrs continuous cooling for the body

•          It is comforting & calming

•          It is long-lasting

•          It is self-adhesive

•          It is easy to use

•          It is hypoallergenic

•          It is non-medicated so can be used with medication

•          You do not need to refrigerate or freeze before using it

How to use Fever Kool “N” soothe

•          Tear open the pouch and remove a fever sheet.

•          Peel the transparent film from the back of the gel sheet and discard.

•          Then place Fever Kool “N” soothe gel sheet on skin.

•          Cut sheet to suitable size with scissors, If desired

•          To get the best results, use each sheet only once.

Can Fever Kool “N” soothe be used on Newborns?

Fever Kool “N” soothe is not recommended for use on children below 1 year of age.

Fever Kool “N” soothe Price

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