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What is Dr Mayer maxiquine tab used for?

Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab is used for the treatment of malaria, amebiasis, headache and other conditions. It contains chloroquine phosphate which kills malaria parasites. Dr Mayer maxiquine tab can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is the composition of Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab?

It contains Chloroquine phosphate, Paracetamol and Promethazine.

How does the Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab work?

Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab contains Chloroquine phosphate which works by preventing the growth of malaria parasites in the red blood cells. It also contains Paracetamol which lowers the body temperature and relieves body pain.  Dr Mayer maxiquine tab also contains promethazine which acts as an antihistamine by preventing skin rashes and vomiting.

What is Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab indicated for?

It is used in the treatment of;

•          Malaria

•          Amebiasis

•          Headache

•          Toothache

•          Ear pain

•          Joint pain

•          Periods pain

•          Fever

•          Cold

•          Flu

Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab Dosage

Take Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab as prescribed by the physician or follow carefully the instructions written on the product leaflet.

What are the side effects of Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab?

Common side effects of Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab ;

Changes in vision, Hallucinations, Fever, Muscle weakness, Seizures, Feeling faint, Feeling of sickness, Allergic reactions, Shortness of breath, Swollen facial features, and Liver damage.

Is Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab good for Malaria?

Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab is effective in the treatment of malaria infection

Where to buy Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab?

Dr Mayer Maxiquine tab can be purchased at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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