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What is Dipyridamole Used For? 

 Dipyridamole is an antiplatelet drug that aids in preventing platelets, a particular type of blood cell, from congregating and producing a potentially fatal blood clot. Taking a dipyridamole tablet helps to prevent blood clots if you have an increased risk of having them. You can buy Dipyridamole tablets online at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos. 

 What is Dipyridamole active ingredient? 

Dipyridamole contains 100mg of Dipyridamole as the active ingredient.  

 How Does Dipyridamole Work? 

Dipyridamole inhibits blood clotting by making platelets less sticky. Platelets are blood cells that stick together and block blood vessel cuts and breaks. Platelets, on the other hand, can stick together inside already narrowed blood vessels to form a clot in people at risk of heart attack or stroke. 

 Dipyridamole Dosage  

The typical starting dose for Dipyridamole 100 mg by mouth is four times a daily. 

 What are the Side Effects of Dipyridamole? 

Side effects of Dipyridamole include; 

  • Feeling or being sick  
  • Headaches   
  • Diarrhea 

 Does Dipyridamole cause high blood pressure? 

 Dipyridamole’s pharmacological effects include vasodilation, which may result in blood pressure reduction. 

 Where Can I Buy Dipyridamole 100mg? 

Buy Dipyridamole 100mg online at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.. 

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