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What is Discovite Dietary Supplement Used For?

Dioscovite dietary supplement is indicated for the effective management of sickle cell disease when taken daily and also as a relief during a sickle cell crisis. It enables sickle cell and other anaemic clients to have improved energy levels. Dioscovite Dietary supplements can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

How Does Dioscovite Dietary Supplement Work?

As a nutritional supplement, dioscovite provides thiocyanate, the active ingredient is an anti-sickling vitamin naturally occurring in low levels in human blood, iodine is required for proper thyroid gland function in the body. Dioscovite provides adequate iodine for optimal metabolic homeostasis of the thyroid gland. Thiocyanate, also known as sulfocyanate or simply “Yam vitamin,” is a natural substance found in certain plants known as nitriloside, which includes foods such as African yam and cassava.

Dioscovite Dietary Supplement Ingredient.

It contains potassium disocyanate 250mg/ml and Kelp Iodine 100mg/ml.

Dioscovite Dietary Supplement Dosage

  • 6 months to 3years: 0.5ml once daily
  • 4 years to 8years: 1ml once daily
  • 9 years to 18 years: 1.5ml once daily
  • 19years old and above: 2ml once daily
  • Double dose: Only when in a painful crisis

How to take Dioscovite Dietary Supplement

  • Fill to the lower mark for 0.5ml and the upper mark for 1.0ml using the dropper provided.
  • To improve taste, mix the solution with a half glass of fruit juice or another fluid, but never drink soft drinks or alcohol after a balanced, high protein diet and 2.5mg folic acid
  • For maximum effect, take the recommended dosage of Dioscovite Dietary supplement daily for the first 3 months and thereafter supplement with a diet rich in yams, sorghum or cassava with reduced Dioscovite Dietary supplement intake

What Are The Side Effects of Dioscovite Dietary Supplement?

Dioscovite Dietary supplement is not known to have any side effects.

How Much Does Dioscovite Dietary Supplement Cost?

Dioscovite Dietary supplement price is listed as ₦16,800 in

Where Can I Buy Dioscovite Dietary Supplement?

Buy Dioscovite Dietary Supplement at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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