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Dextrose Saline 50%

Dextrose Saline 50% is a fluid and nutrient replenisher. 50% Dextrose in water is a hypertonic, sterile, and nonpyrogenic solution of Dextrose, USP in water that is administered intravenously. Dextrose Water 50% comes in 500 mL volume.

What is 50% Dextrose Injection used for?

Dextrose Water 50% is used in the treatment of low blood sugar levels. It is also used as a diluent, in addition to other fluids to be administered intravenously as a source of water or calories for patients that are unable to ingest food orally. It is also used to treat pressure on the brain and swelling on the body as a result of over-intoxication.

What is the Trade Name for Dextrose 50%?

Dextrose Water 50% Indications

Dextrose Water 50% is indicated in the treatment of severe hypoglycaemia – low sugar levels.

Dextrose Water 50% Contraindications

Dextrose Water 50% may be contraindicated in patients with history or proneness to hypersensitivity and severe dehydration.

Due to high levels of concentration, Dextrose Water 50% may not be administered to children. 

Dextrose Water 50% Side Effects

Common side effects of Dextrose Water 50% are irritation, burning or pain around the IV needle, increased thirst, increased urination, hunger and fatigue.

Also, allergic reactions such as swelling in the face, throat or limbs, difficulty breathing, or hives may occur in patients.

Dextrose Water 50% Dosage

Dextrose 50% administration should be directed by a physician. Usage and dosage depends on the age, weight and clinical condition and laboratory indications of the patient.

Dextrose Water 50% Price in Nigeria

Dextrose Water 50% is available for purchase on, an online pharmacy in Lagos.


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