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What is Dentinox Cradle cap used for?

Dentinox Cradle Cap is a treatment Shampoo used for the treatment of cradle cap. Dentinox cradle cap can be used as a general shampoo once the cradle cap has been treated. It helps to maintain the cleanliness and health of your baby’s scalp and hair. Dentinox Cradle Cap can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What are Dentinox Cradle Cap Ingredients?

Dentinox cradle cap contains sodium lauryl ether sulfo-succinate and sodium lauryl ether sulfate as active ingredient.

What is the cause of Cradle Cap?

Cradle cap in babies is caused by hormones from the mother. These hormones cross the placenta before birth and they cause the oil glands in the skin to become overactive which then leads to the release of more oil than normal.

How do I use Dentinox Cradle cap shampoo?

•          Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo comes in a 125ml bottle. Dentinox cradle cap is designed for use on infants.

•          It is recommended to use two applications of 2-3ml at each bath-time until your baby’s scalp has recovered.

•          Then use Dentinox cradle cap as required to prevent a further flare-up of cradle cap.

•          Do not use Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo more than once per day.

How long do I need to apply Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo before I notice the effect?

The number of applications of Dentinox cradle cap shampoo required will depend on the severity of the Cradle Cap. For mild cases, an improvement can be seen within a few applications. For more severe cases, it may take several cycles of application to see the effect.

What are the possible side effects of applying Detinox Cradle Cap Shampoo?

Possible side effects of Detinox cradle cap shampoo include;

•          Hypersensitivity at the application site.

•          Application site erythema.

•          Irritation at the application site.

•          Inflammation at the application site

•          Application site Alopecia.

•          Dryness at the application site

How effective is Dentinox Cradle Cap?

Dentinox Cradle Cap Shampoo is an effective way of removing Cradle Cap in babies. It is designed for children and it produces minimal foam and bubbles to avoid painful eyes.

Where can I buy Dentinox cradle cap?

You can buy Dentinox cradle cap at, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.