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Cons Of Going To Bed With Make-up On

You know that feeling when you look yourself in the mirror and you can barely recognize yourself. Oh Yeah!

You see yourself slaying like Kim Kardashian with FULL MAKEUP ON.

Well, after the whole “slaying” and looking good, you get home and feel so lazy to remove your makeup or wash it off. Eventually, you sleep with your makeup still ON!

That is WRONG! Don’t roll your eyes just yet, I’ll tell you why it’s wrong.

The skin is naturally made up of pores and when you fail to wash off your make up, dead skin cells remain on your skin and these pores get clogged which could in turn cause acne or pimples.

Also, You prevent your skin from renewing itself while you sleep with your make up on because the skin rejuvenate itself while we sleep.

It has also been discovered that not removing eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner, lashes and the likes can lead to eye infections.

There are several ways to remove your makeup. You can start by using makeup wipes, then wash it off with water and gently massage as you clean. You can also find out products which are suitable for your skin type and can be used to remove makeup.

So, if you want to keep looking glamorous or having that  SUPERB FACE, learn to wash off your makeup no matter how super tired you are.

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