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What is Cerazette 75mcg Used For?

Cerazette is a progestogen-only pill (POP), also known as a mini-pill used for preventing pregnancy. Cerazette 75mcg can be purchased at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is Cerazette 75mcg Composition?

Cerazette 75mcg contains Desogestrel as the active ingredient.

How Does Cerazette 75mcg Work?

Cerazette contains Desogestrel as the active ingredient which works by mimicking a natural female hormone in the body called progesterone.It prevents the female body from ovulating (the release of an egg from the ovaries), thereby preventing pregnancy.

Cerazette 75mcg Dosage

Cerazette 75mcg is a 21-day pill. You take one tablet per day for 21 days, followed by seven days with no pills.

Who Should Not Take Cerazette 75mcg?

 people that are allergic to desogestrel or any of the other ingredients listed in the Cerazette leaflet.

What are the Side Effects of Cerazette 75mcg?

  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Irregular or painful periods
  • Mood changes
  • Tiredness
  • Weight increase
  • An increased risk of breast cancer
  • An increased risk of blood clot

Cerazette 75mcg Precaution

  • Cerazette 75mcg is not suitable for every woman, hence consult your doctor before you start taking it
  • Cerazette (desogestrel) should not be taken after the expiry date printed on the packaging.
  • Never dispose of Cerazette in water or household waste rather take it to your pharmacist for proper disposal.
  • Keep this medication away from children.
  • Cerazette (desogestrel) has no effect on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. The only way to protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections is to use condoms.

How Long Does Cerazette (Desogestrel) take to Start Working?

Desogestrel (Cerazette) should provide immediate protection if taken on the first day of your period.

If you take desogestrel on days 2 through 5 of your period, you must use an additional form of contraception for 7 days.

Is it safe to take Cerazette while breastfeeding?

Yes, you can take Cerazette while breastfeeding safely.

How soon after giving birth can I start taking Cerazette?

You can start using Cerazette 75mcg between 21 and 28 days after the birth of your baby.

Can I Buy Cerazette 75mcg Online?

You can buy Cerazette 75mcg at, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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