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Ceftyl 250mg use, dosage and information

Ceftyl is a medication containing the active ingredient – cefpodoxime – a cephalosporin antibiotic, prescribed for treating bacterial diseases.

What is the dosage of ceftyl?

The dosage of ceftyl is determined by your doctor based on your condition. The dosage ranges from 200mg to a maximum of 800 mg daily, usually in divided doses.

Ceftyl is used by mouth with food.

What are the side effects of ceftyl?

Common side effects of ceftyl include:

·         Diarrhea

·         Vaginal infection

·         Abdominal pain

·         Headache

Other side effects of ceftyl include:

·         Abdominal distention

·          Fever

·          Chest pain

·          Vomiting

·          Fatigue

·         high or low blood pressure

·          localized edema

·          Dehydration

·          muscle pain

·         Other unlisted side effects

Warning: prolonged use of ceftyl can lead to secondary infection.

Where can I buy ceftyl in Nigeria?

Ceftyl is available for purchase on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy You can simply click here to view this product.

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