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Catacold tablets use, dosage and information

Catacold is an antiallergy medication used in treating symptoms of allergies, hay fever, watery eyes, common cold, itchy throat or skin, Rhinitis, urticaria, hypotension, anaphylactic shock, nasal congestion, and other conditions not listed.

Catacold contains active ingredients phenylephrine and chlorpheniramine which work by blocking H-1 receptor sites on tissues, constricting blood vessels which result in the reduction of blood flow – relieving nasal congestion.

What are the side effects of catacold capsules?

Common side effects of catacold capsules include:

·         Tightness in the chest

·          Nervousness

·          Muscle weakness

·          Drowsiness

·          Muscle pain

·          Constipation

·          Ringing in ears

·          Nausea

·         Loss of appetite

·          Restlessness

·          Palpitation

·          Constipation

·         Blurred vision

 Other side effects not listed

What should I be cautious of when using catacold capsules?

·         Avoid alcohol or machine operation while on this medication

·          avoid smoking or tobacco use

·          do not take this drug too close to your bedtime

·         Do not use this medication if you have hyperthyroidism

·          This medication is not safe for use in pregnancy or breastfeeding

Where can I buy catacold capsules in Nigeria?

Catacold capsule is available for purchase on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy You can simply click here to view this product.

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