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Capillary dialyzer information and use.

What is a capillary dialyzer?

A capillary dialyzer is used to remove excess waste and fluid from the blood in a case where a patient’s kidney is unable to perform these functions. A dialyzer is also referred to as an artificial kidney.  A dialyzer is a filter encased in plastic and inserted into a holder in a dialysis machine.

A capillary dialyzer is what actually does the work of cleaning the blood in a dialysis machine.

Can a capillary dialyzer be reused?

Yes, a capillary dialyzer can be reused.  Capillary dialyzers that are reused are given to individual patients. A capillary dialyzer can be reused for the number of times specified by your doctor or till it is no longer efficient in filtering the blood.

Can capillary dialyzers be shared?

No, capillary dialyzers are never shared between patients.

 What are the types of capillary dialyzers there are?

There 3 international types of dialyzers:

·         Low flux

·         High flux

·         Protein-leaking dialyzers.

Where can I buy a Capillary dialyzer in Nigeria?

Capillary dialyzers are available for purchase on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy You can simply click here to view this product.


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