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A cannula is a thin tube that is inserted into a vein in a person’s body, or a cavity such as the nose. They are used for a range of things, from draining fluid, administering medication, to supplying oxygen.

What are the different types of Cannulas?

There are two main types of Cannula – IV Cannula and Nasal Cannulas. Like the name implies, IV (intravenous) Canulars are short, flexible tubes that are placed into veins. Nasal Cannulas on the other end are flexible tubes that sit inside the nostrils and deliver oxygen.

Both intravenous and nasal cannulas can be used anywhere – in the hospital or at home.

What is a Cannula used for?

There are different types of cannulas and the purposes vary according to the type.

Common uses of IV Cannulas include providing fluids, blood transfusions or draws and administering medication.

Nasal cannulas are primarily used to provide a person with oxygen. They are mostly used to decrease strain on the heart when a person is experiencing difficulty breathing.

How is a Cannula inserted?

Canulars are mostly inserted by medical professionals such as your doctor or nurse.

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