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Cal D3 tabs

Cal D3 tablets are a combination medicine used in treating or preventing low blood calcium in people who cannot get enough from their diets. Cal D3 also helps treat osteoporosis ( bone loss), osteomalacia/rickets (weak bones), hypoparathyroidism, latent tetany (a muscle disease), and also in helping make sure that certain people such as pregnant women, nursing mothers, postmenopausal women, and women on medications such as phenobarbital, prednisone, and phenytoin can get enough calcium into their systems. 

How do I use Cal D3?

Cal D3 tablets are taken by mouth with food. Do not divide the tablets except they have a shoreline running through them. Swallow the capsules whole. Do not chew extended-release capsules or tablets. 

What are the side effects of Cal D3?

Constipation or stomach upset may occur while using Cal D3 tablets, but it is best to inform your doctor if this effect persists or worsens. 

Should you notice any allergic reaction such as rash, face/tongue/throat swelling or itching, severe dizziness, or trouble breathing while using Cal D3 tablets, seek medical aid immediately. 

Inform your doctor if you notice a loss of appetite, weight loss, mood changes, signs of kidney problems, bone/muscle pain, increased thirst or urination, weakness, tiredness, or heart palpitations while using Cal D3 tablets.  

Cal D3 uses during pregnancy

Intake of the components of Cal D3 tablets appears to be safe and effective during pregnancy. Use of Cal D3 above the prescribed dosage is discouraged during pregnancy. 

What is Cal D3 tablets’ dosage for adults?

The dodge range for adults as a dietary supplement or osteoporosis is between 1000mg to 1300mg.  Combination supplements would typically have between 200 – 400 IU of vitamin D per dose. 

Where can I get Cal D3 tablets in Nigeria?

Cal D3 tablets can be bought on, Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy when you click here.


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