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Cafonate – 50 (leucovorin)

Cafonate is a medication containing calcium leucovorin and is used to prevent the harmful effects and overdose treatment of methotrexate. 

How does cafonate – 50 work?

Cafonate which contains calcium leucovorin, a form of vitamin B, helps protect healthy cells from the toxic effects of methotrexate (an anti-cancer drug) while allowing it to enter and kill cancer cells. 

How long does it take for the cafonate injection to start working?

Cafonate injection starts working within 5 minutes of injection. 

Where can I buy Cafonate-50 in Nigeria?

You can buy cafonate-50 on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy,

How much can I get cafonate-50 in Nigeria?

  You can buy cafonate-50 in Nigeria for NGN 2,800 on Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy, You can simply click here to go to the purchase page.  


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