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What is Beehive Balsam syrup used for?

Beehive balsam syrup is used for soothing stubborn coughs. Beehive balsam syrup is available at Drugstore Nigeria, an online pharmacy store in Lagos.

What is the composition of Beehive Balsam syrup?

It contains Glycerin, Honey And Lemon With Ipecacuanha as active ingredients. 

Beehive Balsam Syrup Dosage

Adults: Take two 5ml spoonfuls two or three times a day.

Is Beehive Balsam syrup drowsy?

Beehive Balsam syrup can make you feel dizzy or drowsy

What are the Side effects of Beehive balsam syrup?

Common side effects include;

•          Dizziness,

•          Drowsiness,

•          Nausea,

•          Vomiting.

Is Beehive Balsam syrup safe for use in pregnant women?

Consult your physician if you are pregnant before taking beehive balsam syrup.

Is Beehive balsam syrup safe for use in Breastfeeding mothers?

Consult your physician if you are breastfeeding before taking Beehive balsam syrup.

Where can I buy Beehive balsam syrup?

Buy Beehive balsam syrup at Drugstore. ng. Nigeria’s largest online pharmacy store.


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